Is it Propaganda? 26-Dec-2016

I expect  many of you do not know as you sit at your breakfast table[1] with your I-Phone, LG or Moto, I’ve got some news for you:

            You are a separate market that gets a filtered news or information.

Part of our law firm advertising program is using the internet. We design our own websites. For a long time, we have known that our Mobile product is entirely different from our Desktop and Tablet product. We make sure that the mobile (cell phone version) works well. We do little but accomodate the small screen.

What I noticed recently, with some discomfort, was that the Immigration News and Reference Materials available to me on the net were different depending on the device I was using. Whether that is using a link to disguise the lack of legitimacy of a source or just saying different things to different groups based on device use is concerning.

[1] Or on the train, or in McDonalds or . . .