The Death of DACA — What Next? 09/05/2017

Well, he did it.

DACA is going to fade away across the next maybe 30 months.
Read together, the Press Release Press Release_DACA_Sept 5 17 (1) and Memorandum on Rescission Of DACA _ Homeland Security   say it is over. They also say it is going to be a long good bye.

As of Today: 09/05/2017
No more initial requests for DACA.
No more Advance Parole for those with DACA. Pending AP applications will be administratively closed and fees refunded.

The applications that are pending for initial grant, as of today (09/05/2017), will be adjudicated.

For the next 6 months, until March 5, 2018, renewals will be adjudicated. Pending initial applications and renewals that are granted will apparently be good for the full 2 years of protection against removal. So the final renewals will not expire for up to 30 months from today.
Current DACA recipients, and those with pending renewal applications will have 6-30 months to explore other forms of relief from removal for which they may be eligible. The time to start planning for life after DACA is now.

I will try and update this item as more information becomes available.