DHS testifies to Trump immigration agenda 03-Oct-2017

Michael Dougherty of the US DHS testified at a Senate hearing. During his testimony, in addition to setting out Trump administration support for status that would lead to eventual citizenship for DACA and other childhood arrivals (later walked back), Below is a quote from his testimony which seems insightful as to the Administration immigration agenda:

During the hearing, Dougherty said the administration’s immigration priorities include border control, better vetting, reducing visa overstays, reforming non-immigrant business visas and establishing a merit-based system that favors skilled immigrants. He said the administration also wants to expand its ability to quickly remove people who enter illegally and do not claim asylum.

Reuters, Yeganeh Torbati and Richard Cowan, 03-Oct-2017,

Again, it is very clear that those with a problematic status in the United States, should seek licensed legal counsel to establish a plan which will advance their goals.