Massachusetts State District Court Arrests by ICE – October 6, 2017

In the past few weeks Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been arresting aliens as they are released or exiting District Court buildings. No one really knows why this is happening now. It might be a new computer resource coming on-line, it might be a response to Lunn v. Commonwealth, trying to demonstrate that ICE’s power is stronger than the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, no one really knows. The one thing that is clear is that it increases the pressure on those present in the US without authorization when they have to appear as a defendant in a criminal matter, no matter how minor.
Many minor crimes – driving with no license for example – usually end with a fine or a payment of court costs. The presence of ICE ready to arrest the alien on immigration matters make a routine court appearance very high stakes indeed. For those who have no plan or available immigration relief, it will likely end with deportation to their home country.
A plan is sometimes possible based on long term presence in the United States coupled with a wife or child who is a US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Sometimes a reasonable and well-founded fear of return to one’s home country is a possible ground for relief. There are a few other bases of relief to stay in the United States. The most important thing is to start planning now! Make an appointment with a licensed attorney and build a relationship now!